Saturday, April 03, 2004

NP:Ed Gein-We Suck at Song Titles

saw Hellboy last night. strangely enough i seemed to identify with Hellboy and love for Liz the pyro.

gay? i know, but that's life. it's all one big never-ending black comedy/homosexual party boat that keeps getting more and more embarassing and depressing until you just wish Armegeddon wasn't ariving at the rate old people fuck.


NP:Man is the Bastard-Stocks

Thursday, April 01, 2004

NP:Flagitious Idiosyncrasy-In the Sludge

spring break!!!!!!!!!!!

there. i got rowdy.

hey, there's bones under my skin. you can't see them, but i'm almost certain they are there. unless it's just bodily trickery.

NP:!T.O.O.H!-i dunno, some song.