Thursday, August 05, 2004

NP:Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-City of Refuge.

haven't wrote in this thing in a while. been busy with the band and putting together the novella entitled Anehedonia, which has been in fragments for almost 2 years. you don't care, but it's the story of Vincent DeSade, a shy young man who is in the death throes of a love/hate relationship with his subconsious. it's sort of Naked Lunch meets A Nightmare on Elm Street starring a Travis Bickle wanna-be. at some point this summer i also wrapped up the novella Pixie, which is the one all the goth chicks will swooooon over. i still have like 3 or 4 more stories that need to be finished. Fingers, Owls, and Post-Living have beginings, parts of the middles, and possible endings, but are no where near being finished. and Baby was a Black Sheep, well i'm scared to death of tackling that one right now.

you're all probably laughing at me, rolling your eyes, calling me lame or gay or stupid or delusional, wondering "who cares about this dork and his crappy books?" well whatever. i wish i ddin't have all these ideas and i could be cool like all of you elitists, judging others from your crappy no-bedroom apartments or damp basement dwellings, slowly killing any part of you that might be worth while with alcohol or pot or meaningless sex or shitty movies. bah who am i kidding, no one is reading this.

if all goes well, the Communion will start playing shows in the fall, injecting the Long Island "seen" with a fatal dose of punk rock poisoned by sludge; laced with speed, nihilsm, and grinded glass shards. another endeavor of mine which you'll all either ignore or mock behind my back...who am i talking to?

NP:Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - the Mercy Seat