Friday, September 24, 2004

Album Review;

Converge, You Fail Me.

with Converge's previously released album Jane Doe, the band created a complex, lumbering monster and set it lose on the world with a map pointed in several hundred different directions. on their recently released follow-up You Fail Me, Converge strips the monster down to it's bloody skeleton before it unleashes it's rage, but not before giving it an extra set of claws and a sharper pair of fangs.

You Fail Me finds Converge more direct and more vicious than ever. songs like "Eagles Become Vultures" and "Black Cloud" seem like the Converge many know and love (and hate), but upon further listens these tracks and others showcase a leaner, meaner side to Converge's multifaceted sound. previous albums were frantic and all over the map (and amazing). the albums had many different personalites and psychologies to them, sometimes all in one song. You Fail Me assigns a different attitude to each song, and the result is the most focused, diverese album of the band's career. there's the frantic grinding hardcore of "Drop Out", the somber psychosis of "In Her Shadow", and the heavy big evil loop of the title track (already on it's way to becoming one of my all time favorite Converge tracks).

and we still have the new Pig Destroyer to look forward too.