Wednesday, January 12, 2005

last night i was watching Face/Off. somewhere in the midst of Nicholas Cage and John Travolta fighting over who gets to chew more of the scenery i came up with an idea for an stylish action film. the tenative title is "Unnecessary Slow Motion". it won't have stories or characters, but a lot of people shooting, fighting, walking towards and through doors in hip-cool slow motion, with a hip-cool soundtrack featuring the *cough* very best in alt-metal and modern rock, like Demon Hunter and Glassjaw. there will be car chases, helicopter rides, and boat explosions...all in stylish, glorious, stylish slow motion. every "character" will wear trench coats or loose fitting jackets, so they can blow in the wind and move like capes...stylish slow motion capes. they will also wear sun glasses. hip-cool stylish sun glasses that they will remove stylishly and put on stylishly in slow motion. all the dialouge will either be melodramatic cries of hatred or dry-cool witty one liners, but don't worry, because words won't get in the way of your stylish hip-cool slow motion expierence.

Unnecessary Slow Motion
coming soon to a stylish, hip-cool theatre near slow motion.


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