Friday, January 28, 2005

NP:Negative Reaction - Nebula and the Two-Toed Sloth

a rambling manifesto that unmasks and quickly wraps itself in a sheet.

i've been disecting my beliefs, politcial/religious/etc. for awhile. and now i think i've come to some kind of a conclusion about where on the lines i lie.

i've come to the realization that i, as a human being, am little more that hypocsrisy and double stadards stacked up and tied together with rope that iritates my burns to the center of a bitter heart that drenches itself in hateful, poisonous blood. to tag myself with a religious or poltical offilation would be gratutious, obnoxious, all together pointless, as the description of a human is that of a complex machine constantly at war with thought and emotion. to pick up some color coded label from the bowls of politics and relgion would negate any humanity i might have left. I am hypocritical, but i can at least recognize when i'm contardicting myself, and when others are doing it as well. when tagged with lables of religious and/or poltical leanings imediaetly blinders are sewn into your eyes, and you only see the world with either the lovely utopia lens or the pit of chaos, chaos from a world where those on your side have failed, and you have to fight those evil forces before the Terminator can kill John Connor or whatever comic book fantasy of good and evil these pathetic one dimensional microchosims of exploitation belch out of their sewers on a regular basis.

too many people on this planet have supressed one side in favor of pumping up another to steroid-dominance. and it will be the downfall of the entire world. the earth will rot at it's core until the waters are cyanide laced acids, until the dirt becomes corrosive grains, until the vines hold nothing but toy versions of the earth's disease.

believe in nothing. embrace death. you'll unleash everything possible and exhaust all of life's potential. the mind itself is a planet of uncharatble and untapped recources.

let them loose.

NP:Negative Reaction-Deathbed


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