Saturday, March 26, 2005

NP:Grief-Come to Grief

Fuse really has some awful fucking shows. i caught this one show Heavy Metal Makeover where these 3 chicks (one of them used to be a VJ and the other ones bands? i really don't know) take this ugly dude who dresses like a college student, but who is really METAL AT HEART!!!!1!!!!, so they're going to make him stop dressing like a homosexual by making him wear leather pants and a mesh shirt, not to mention getting some shit pierced and singing Judas Priest songs at a local metal club. yup, nothing gay about that.

then there is this call in show starring everyone's favorite idiot, Juliya from Uranium. i guess the producers figured Uranium didn't have enough not to do with music, so lets just cut out the chopped up videos, cause they get in the way of this young girl's cleavage and unimaginative sexual ineudos. let's make it a call in show, too, where a bunch of depressed, socially inept/awkward half retarded low-lifes can ask her advice on everything from sex to music to the complex nature of relationships. yeah, cause whose more qualified to map out the complexities of the human condition than an ex-groupie who shops at pseudo bondage shops too much?

at least MTV2 has Wonder Showzen.


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