Sunday, March 20, 2005

NP:the theme from Robocop

- watched Mary Shelley's Frankenstein aka Kenneth Branahgh's HAM: The Movie last night.

- i've been coughing up thick milky gobs of lung butter all weekened, injesting little more than Day-Quil (for Day), Ny-Quil (for Ny), and hot tea. i had some rye toast points also. and some pizza.

- spring break starts wendesday. i'll be spending it as i always do; with my head cradled in my cupped hands. not crying, just lazily disgusted.

- i'll also be writing papers on topics ranging from Caucasian Mummies found in Asia before caucasians existed (or something) and those kids that got buttraped with candlewax in Mepham.

- i'll also be making a trip to the local cinematorium to check out Sin City, which promises to have stylized ultra-violence and a naked Jamie King.

- i'l also get cracking on getting that girl i like to know how i feel. i promise.


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