Saturday, March 12, 2005

NP:Type 0 Negative-We Hate Everyone

watched Saw last night. pretty good movie..and that's coming from a guy who thinks american mainstream horror movies have been absolute shit since the 90s. it had just the right amount of modern elements (the moody Se7en-esque lighting, some music video type editing) but the story, characters, and acting had much in common with Italian horror films (Argento, Fulci). and how about this; i was actually SUPRISED and PLEASED with the ending. i know eventually there will be a souped up special edition director's cut DVD, and i think it needs it, because it did look heavely edited.

i had a shitty ass week. school, the world, family, women, weather, myself; they all seemed to take a big wet shit on my head these past 7 days. let's just leave it at that.


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