Sunday, April 10, 2005

NP:Pixies-I Can't Forget

had to write a mind-numbing 9 page story for my Creative Writing Workshop, which i've titled "This Story Hates You". hope no one takes it the wrong way.

it's just me. a more melodramtic version of me, who says stuff i only think about saying but never do because i might hurt someone's feewings. that "someone" by the way never thinks twice about stomping my feelings into pulpy puddles of pathetic gore, tracking sand into my exposed insides and selling the organs that still work on the black market to people who don't know what my organs need, what they eat etc. they'll just lock them in a freezer....this is going nowhere.

i only have about 5 weeks of school left before the summer break kicks in. hopefully i'll get some stuff done over the break rather than just procrastinating....i've notice a lot more people using that word. it's becoming a bit of a buzz word among my peers....i hate my peers, so i'll do my damndest to avoid using it. cause they're dumb and i don't like them. cause they're dumb.

this is a total filler entry.

NP:Converge-Hell to Pay


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