Tuesday, April 19, 2005

NP:Sneaker Pimps-Six Underground

i took your advice. and guess what? SHOT THE ASS-FUCK DOWN.

today was a soul crushing day. one long exorcism of corrupted emotions that yielded no satisfactory results, other then one of the best songs i've ever written. that used to be enough.

not this time.

this is ridiculous. this is unfair. this is something most people my age are supposed to be passed. maybe everyone is right about me. maybe they were right when i said i was to miserable. maybe the smart, pretty, level-headed girls that always wind up falling for are just those things because they aren't dumb enough to get involved with a cancer merchant of the souls like myself.

this time it hurts. i really felt different this time. i really thought i had a shot. fucking stupid of me. beyond fucking stupid.



i sure as fuck-all hope so. but it's not. it's spring time. the lovers of the world are immune to the misery of imbeciles like myself.

for a second there, i thought i wouldn't have to face this bullshit head-on alone. i thought i may have something of a kindred spirit. this sounds crazy, and it probably is, but i pictured all kinds of things. things that at one time would be considered romantic, but are now considered perverted and insane.

it is now my mission to kill "emotions". put this bullshit to rest. this isn't worth it anymore.

I Love You.


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