Wednesday, April 13, 2005

so the girl i'm stalking says to me she says "you're a pessimist. the glass is always half empty".

that's not pessimism.

pessimism: the glass is only half empty when the contents are delicious. the glass is always half full when the contents are toxic.

if the contents are delicious, then they are half gone, soon to be all gone. you'll then spend the rest of your days searching for that good taste, turning it into an addiction, a negative.

if the contents are toxic, then you've just injested half of it, and now it's coarsing through your system, eating you from the inside out. you still have half the glass to finish, and that half will kill you.

the good is always in short supply, teasing and tempting, turning you bitter. the bad is in abundance, forcing its way into your system to reinforce and provoke all those negative thoughts left from the abscense of the good.

THAT is pessimism. damned if you do, damned if you don't. damned to do, damned to not do. not the glass being half empty, but not knowing what the fuck it is you're drinking.


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