Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Album Review;

The Red Chord - Clients

in the three years since Boston's the Red Chord released their Converge meets Cryptopsy debut Fused Together in Revovling Doors, an onslaught of so-called grind/metalcore hybrid bands seemed to crawl up from the gutters of meidcority, exposing their lifeless carbon copy of a sound that kicked my ass the first time i heard it. Glass Casket. Between the Buried and Me. Deadwater Drowing. Into the Moat. all there. all terrible.

when a style becomes a xerox of a xeroxed xerox, it loses it's sharpness, it's luster. i was worried that the Red Chord would fall into the crowd of faceless wannabes they in some respect helped create.

that has not happened.

Clients is the Red Chord teaching the new breed of hybrid metal bands a lesson on how to do this shit the right way. from mosh riff to blast beat, everything is in perfect balance. there is no sense of dumbing things down to appeal to the pit-babies and bro-metal loving mongoloids, nor is their a sense of pretensious over-the-top quirky experimentation to appeal to snobby eltists whose heads are so far up their asses they can't see the stupidity of over-intelectualizing hardcore punk and metal albums. it picks up right where the debut left off, dragging the gory remains of the bodies that album destroyed further down the street, leaving the bloody corpse for all to view (the final track on the album, a 7 and half minute stoner-rock instrumental is called "He Was Dead When I Got There", so the metaphor makes sense, faggot.)

the lyrical concept is also rather interesting. the only way i can think of to explain it is this; imagine Fight Club without Tyler Durden. imagine Swimming with Sharks where Kevin Spacey is never taken hostage. imagine Taxi Driver or Falling Down if Travis and D-Fens would have just kept driving. now imagine walking around in their minds, looking at the graffiti tattooing the walls of their brains. that graffiti might resemble something akin to the lyrics of Clients.

when "I Hate You All More Than You'll Ever Know" is bellowed in the middle of "Blue Line Cretin", that pretty much sums up everything. about the copycats. about the nay-sayers. about everyone else.

the Red Chord have proven themselves to be the only band in their genre that truly matters.


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