Sunday, May 15, 2005

i've reavulated my opinion on Chuck Palahniuk.

i'm done with him.

maybe it's because i've grown up. maybe it's because he hasn't. either way, i've finally succumbed to the backlash i fought against for the last 2/3 years.

Haunted was better than his last 3 books, but it still lacked depth and had lame, one dimensional characters. it had no drama, no development, nothing really interesting or exciting. it was a collection of moderatley amusing gross-out tales that made me giggle, ocassionaly whince, but overal left not a bad taste in my left no taste at all. i felt like i read the treatment for an HBO series as opposed to a work of literature. i know that Palahniuk prides his "minimialist" style, but that's no excuse for boring characters. it's diet splatter fiction. it acts more as a vessel for his inane adolescent fantasies about masturbation and sex dolls than it does an effective piece of social commentary, which anyone can she he was shooting for but odviously he got lost in the fun of "ooo this 'll gross 'em out."

Palahniuk has pretty much turned into a junk-food author along the lines of Stephen King, Anne Rice, and the like. he's turned into the same thing Tyler Durden railed against;a corporation. a marketing gimmick. he's more preoccupied with churning out pointless shock fiction than writing something really interesting. i'm sure his groupies, fan-boys, and Trent Reznor think he's the literary titan of our times and will eat up any community college writing workshop exercise about poo and pee he publishes, but i'm pretty much done with him.

i loved Fight Club,Survivor, and Invisible Monsters, but there's about a million other books by a million other authors i have to read before i even consider taking an interest in anything Palahniuk comes up with in the near future.

he doesn't need my buisness anyway, what with the video games and musicals and t-shirt sales and all.

you are your fucking Khakis.


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