Monday, June 13, 2005

NP:Johnny Cash-Southern Accent

looks like i should've ordered that ECW Pay Per View. Sabu. Taz with one "z". Sandman's 10 minute beer soaked entrance. Joey Styles. RVD being RVD. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy. these are the reasons i love wrestling. a lethal dose of Raven, New Jack, and the Eliminators would've made this event the barb-wire incarnate of the blood soaked catharsis that made my middle school years somewhat bearable (something about seeing people thrown through flaming tables and buried under an arena's worth of steel chairs while loud music blared just put my angry 14 year old mind at ease in those horrible school days). we can't have it all i guess. guess i'll pick up the DVD whenever it comes out.

i've been sick all week (again). i feel like my nose and throat are packed with glue. plus side is i've got a gooey callous that makes my screams sound more phelgmy and hateful.

i'm seeing the new Batman movie weds. afternoon. i'll probably write another long-winded review like i did for Sin City, but that's what this stupid online thing is for, self deception.


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