Wednesday, June 22, 2005

NP:Souxie and the Banshees-Kiss them For Me

this book i'm reading about serial killers is having some kind of effect on my psyche. so is this song (see NP). suddenly i want to dress up in a sparkly pink gown and twist seductively while chapangne suds rain down on my smooth skin. but i digress.

the A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers it is called. it quite the thumping good read. it's even inspired a song title that i can't wait to use; "Chikatilo Love Bite". it's not just a bunch of biographies about behaviors/ types of killers, and the more notorious murders of all time (though they are highlighted), it has all kinds of information ranging from merchandising to films to groupies to art and everything in between. it doesn't make me want to kill, just injest as much information on maniacs as possible.

i'm gonna be a virgin forever....or am i?????


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