Monday, June 13, 2005

the recent revival of ECW has resparked my interest in wrestling of the hardcore variety. it seems like backyard wresting federations are everywhere (or they were...5 years ago). i've toyed around with the idea to start up one with some people, but nothing ever came out of it, and this will probably be no exception. but here's the idea anyway.

the promotion would be called Anti-Wrestling. this idea came to me while watching matches involving the ECW star Sandman. to me, Sandman is the epitome of the Anti-wrestler. he has no physique. he has no moves. he has little to no mic skills. he chainsmokes on his way down to the ring and chugs beer before, during, and after his matches. despite all this, or because all of this, the Sandman is considered to be the Icon of ECW. Sandman was the skeleton for this idea of mine that would become Anti-Wrestling.

essentially, Anti-Wrestling would be a promotion full of Sandmen. there would be weapons. there would be no DQs. there would no cases of wrestlers overestimating their skills like many backyard promotions. most backyard wrestling could be considered anti-wrestling in the sense that none of the people participating have any real training in any of the aspects of wrestling, but the thing that bothers me about these backyard promotions is they have no originality, they pretty much exist to be something they never will become...another WWE or another ECW. Anti-Wrestlers would know that they will never get anywhere doing this. they do it because they love it. the violence. the competiton. the freedom. it would be more of a Fight Club than a wrestling promotion. catharsis incarnate.

file this under "shit that will never happen">


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