Monday, June 27, 2005

today i rented Fargo, Raging Bull, and Chinatown. GOOD MOVIES. remember those? seems to be a lost art now.


"...with the gradual shortening of time between the theatrical and home-video 'windows' - once it was a year before you could rent a copy; now the norm is four months - there's little incentive to see a movie early. Hollywood doesn't care, since the studios make almost three times as much money from DVDs than from movie theaters; while the box office has been sagging, DVD sales and rentals have increased 676 percent since 2000. In effect, the big-screen version now functions as an ad to raise brand awareness for the home-video release."

no mention of the fact that most movies nowadays blow hippo ass by the tank.

i keep hearing about this "great summer for movies" we have in store. so far i've seen 2 movies this year in the theaters ( Sin City and Batman Begins ). before each movie there were 5 trailers. with Sin City, 3 out of the 5 trailers were remakes ( War of the Worlds, House of Wax, the Amityville Horror ) one of them was a generic screwcock comedy about whatever, and the other one looked like an advertisment for action figures. with Batman Begins, 2 of the trailers were remakes ( Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, War of the Worlds ), 2 of the movies looked like video games, and the other one was based on a tv show ( Dukes of Hazzard for christ sakes ). looking at the top movies in the country right now, only one of them is a "original" idea ( Mr. and Mrs. Smith ), the rest are either sequels, prequels, remakes, relaunches, or based on old sitcoms ie shit we've seen before or shit that we can see for next to nothing or absolutley nothing.

is there a demand for 2 hour movies based on 30 minute sitcoms? are there people out there who get genuinely excited when a movie based on a video game comes out? are there people out there that can tell me with a straight face they love that scene in Revenge of the Sith where Darth Vader screams "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" like some butthurt teenager who just got denied pussy for the first time? do people still think Tom Cruise isn't mentally unstable and probably an eater of small children? are there people out there who watch a hauntingly beautiful amazingly gut wrenching and truly heartbreaking film like Don't Look Now and say to themselves "man i can't wait till Micheal Bay or someone similar does a re-make of this!"

it's like the movie industry is no longer content with just appealing to the lowest common denominator, it's want to create a whole new lowest common denominator, keeping everyone dumb and sluggish enough to keep seeing dumb and sluggish movies. i'd say it was biting them on the ass if they were'nt making a killing on DVD sales and rentals. until those solw down too, we'll be seeing plenty of crap.

enough remakes. enough bad super-hero movies. enough video games. enough teen sex romp/romantic comedies (they're pretty much the same now. there is a world of difference between Porky's and the Girl Next Store). enough BEN AFFLECK.

I'm tired of half ass horror movies and "psycholical thrillers" that are niether thrilling or psychological. i'm sick of it all. i loved the 2 movies i saw in the theaters this year, but i knew i would love them. everything else looks like complete shit or an unsure thing.

NP:the theme from Midnight Cowboy (another work of art in the lost gallery of good films.)


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