Tuesday, July 26, 2005

for no reason at all, here be my favorite lady-fronted bands (heavy or otherwise);

Nuclear Death
Thorr's Hammer
Scrotum Grinder
Fuck the Facts
Dresden Dolls
Gall Hammer
Gun Point Romance
Crisis (first 2 albums)
Made out of Babies
Nausea (not exactly "fronted", but a big part of the sound)
Black Howler
Flatigious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation
Melt Banana

in the middle of typing this i just found out a girl i messed around with in high school 5 years ago is now a stripper. that has got to be some kind of weird coiencdence, since all women want to either be metal screamer or strippe....you know i'll just stop talking right now.

i truly am the master of dodging bullets.


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