Thursday, July 28, 2005

i've gotta get out of this place.

i surrounded by people who are nothing more than a continuing source of repulsion. if i am fortunate enough to find a flower growing in this hunk of shit, someone has already plucked it, peppering it's once pure heart with vile infection.

ah melodrama, how i loathe to embrace you, but these moments are important. these moments where you are insane with disgust, dusting every word with this powdered cancerous blood that if i'm lucky will pay for the salt for the steak i'll buy with my meal ticket i.e. the hatred i've tried to turn into art.

sense means little to me right now. i'm confused, enraged, horny, all and below of the above. their smiling faces captured in grainy photos plastered all over the idiot boxes for other morons to oggle and dream of possesing. i'm angry with myself for wasting my hatred on you, on this, on everything. i'm angry that the few truly beautiful people have becomed enveolped in your shadows, growing fat on their tits blackened with fire, their postures envenomed with cruelty's opium.

i'm all about over-written rants now. little else comforts me in times like this, times that Dave Grohl says "you learn to live again". i've tried that. it backfired.

and i thought millionaires knew everything.


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