Thursday, July 14, 2005

last night i met my evil twin. he's a real fuckstick.

- his favorite band is Midnight Oil.
- he prefers the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the original.
- he has a girlfreind who is way out of his league.
- he doesn't "get" David Lynch.
- he thinks the term "metrosexual" isn't ridiculous.
- his favorite comediane Judy Gold.
- he doesn't feel like half an asshole walking around in public in a pink polo shirt with an i-pod full of Ani DiFranco songs.
- he's a people person.
- he thinks wrestling is silly.
- he's "outgrown" comic books, and mocks me further when i explain to him that they aren't comic books, they are GRAPHIC NOVELS jerk-ass.
- he likes the idea of the New York Dolls signing to Roadrunner Records.
- he prefers A Perfect Circle to Tool.
- he wept with sorrow when Darth Vader Nancy Keriganed all over the screen at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
- people listen to him and value his opinons.
- he has money.
- he thinks Prince is a faggot.
- he didn't like Spawn until the movie came out.
- he totally bought a mostly dead Raul Julia as a legitimate threat to Jean Claude Van Damme in the Street Fighter movie.
- he thinks Carla Guigno is "too plain".
- he thinks Anne Rice is the literary titan of our times.
- he thinks Kevin Smith films have "realistic dialouge".
- he doesn't get sexxually aroused while watching Designing Women...
- .... or the Golden Girls.
- he thinks a movie where Bronson Pinchot plays a violent serial killer ala Joe Spinell in Maniac is a bad idea.
- he'll never read this, because he has....get active social life.


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