Wednesday, July 20, 2005

NP:Jesu-Your Path to Divinity

this is one of those days where i don't know what do to with myself. i've been increasingly anxious, what with awaiting a response about the manuscript to the band recording to me trying to conjur up a stronger set of nerves so i can deal with a certain someone. it's exciting, the amount of stress i'm puting on myself, and it's stressful, the amount of excitement i'm feeling. the really obnoxious heatwave is also having an effect on me. you can't step outside without being drenched with sweat within minutes. i've been indoors all AC'd up, breathing in chilled recirculated air, which can't be too good for you i'd imagine.

..i have been writing a lot in the last few weeks, so that's the plus side of things. already this month i've written almost 15 songs/poems/whatever, as well as a whole bunch of tangents and material for the next book entitled Bricks are Delicious.

Friday afternoon i'll be seeing the Devil's Rejects. the remainder of the weekend will probably be spent at the studio until i'm sick of the sights and sounds emminanting from it's otherwise barren womb.

NP:Jesu-Friends are Evil


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