Saturday, July 02, 2005

NP:Neurosis-Times of Grace

Live 8 is on all day. they should just save us the shitty music and nail each one of these assholes to a cross and do the first on-air mass crucifixion. i think the idea behind the event is commendable, but it really squares my jaw when some 22 year old millionaire is telling the rest of the world to save the planet. listening to Alicia Keys lecture a crowd on "basic human rights" is enough to make me want ot become an oil tycoon so i can have a giant phallous shaped cannon spray noxious grease onto baby seals and homeless endagered condors with diseases or whatever the fuck vauge cause the pretensious pole-smokers are pretending to feel for.

i really should research these things before i make a ranting idiot out of myself.


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