Friday, July 15, 2005

NP:Rotten Sound-Targets

this is what i wrote in response to a Myspace bullentin.

bulletin tile: So Sick Of...

my response:

people taking all their anger and directing it at the most inane bullshit, churning out equally inane bullshit tirades over the internt. "emo is gay" "hardcore dancing is gay" "i hate metalcore" "fuck remakes" "the radio sucks" "fuck MTV". maybe if you spent more time trying to manage your anger, look within yourself and attempt to actually vent your frustrations in a constructive way as opposed to assholing off on the internet about every stupid-shit thing you wouldn't be such a lame boring boring lame. get off the fucking message boards, take in the real poison of mankind, and shut the fuck up already.

hypocritical? maybe. but i like to think i constructively critique the bullshit i see, opting for more creative ways of expressing my anger, at least more creative than "fuck this you're gay" etc. it's only recently started to get to me, the fact that all this fresh negativity is being wasted on such trival useless nonsense.

you hate everything.
your job sucks.
girls don't like you.
movies are too expensive.
TV is mindless.
MTV doesn't play enough music.
Emo music is lame AND gay.
You're tired of hardcore dancing at shows.
People are shit.

i get it; you're mad.

now do something with it.

anything but this.


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