Friday, July 15, 2005

oh yeah, and kill politics now.

the fact that some people voted for Bush (and are planning to vote for other republicans) just to spite those "loony lefties" is proof positive that the people of the country are a bunch of obnoxious sniveling petty children who are more concerned with pissing off Phish fans then with the well-being of their country and society. you're all so god damn sickening that it's almost giving me a rage induced hard-on. i know i've labeled myself a nihilist, but the un-managed anger inside me just can't help but cut off their index, thumb, pinkie, and ring fingers just so they can graft middle ones in their place to spare themselves the arthritis of crinkling their fingers down to expose the lone middle one.

grow the fuck up you black-blood vomiting cunts. it's okay to admire someone for pissing people off and "not giving a shit" (whatever that vauge term means anymore) if they're a rock star or a pro-wrestler, NOT if they're the people in charge of the fucking country you god damn shit-eating asshole-grinning one-track minded mongoloids. it's fine if Seth Putnam is a bloated drunken amoral asshole junkie, not when the people in charge are.

at least i admit that i want the world to end. you all attempt to hide your armaggedon-fetishes. you're pathetic and ugly and hateful in the worst way posssible.

we don't need you. nobody loves you.



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