Saturday, July 16, 2005

people just keep discovering new ways to piss me off it seems.

is it crazy that someone telling me that "seeing Lamb of God live is better than anything related to Joy Divison" just has me crippled with rage?

am i taking things too seriously?

when someone says a half-ass metal band is better than one of the most important, influential and brilliant bands of all time, is it okay to be this infuriated?

should words on a screen bother me this much?

do i have anger problems?

am i wrong?

is "Now You've Got Something to Die For" really a better song than "Atmosphere"?

now i have heard some goddamn stupid shit, and i have heard some stupid goddamn shit, but that is without a doubt the goddamndest stupidest goddamn stupid shit i have ever read, heard, seen, etc.

i mean, jesus christ.

Lamb of God?


have i been so blind?

the internet is further imparing my ability to tell the difference between malice and parody, as well as my ability to express malice and parody. i get the 2 mixed up more than ever it seems.

sorry about the dicketry.


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