Tuesday, August 23, 2005

finished the first volume of my summer 2005 mix CDR;

The Red Chord - Fixation on Plastics
Eyehategod - I Am the Gestapo
Skitsystem - Helvetesmarchen
Combatwoundedveteran - 15 Minutes on a Forklift
Scrotum Grinder - You are my Favorite Line in the Worst Song Ever Written
Coalesce - Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
Yob - Exorcism of the Host
Coffins - Into the Coffin
Tragedy - Confessions of a Suicide Advocate
Dystopia - Hands that Mold
Premonitions of War - Written In
Benumb - title escapes me right now, something off the P.O.W. split
Bolt Thrower - Embers
Made Out Of Babies - Gut Shoveler

volume 2 will probably be made next week, featuring everyone from Anaal Nathrakh to Bonnie "Prince" Billy.


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