Tuesday, August 23, 2005

it's rock and roll, it's blues based but not always obviously blues music.... But it is probably more interesting to blather on about that really, what we try to do is make music with a purpose no different than others who create music: Sound as a means of communication. Which is to say music that creates a sense of community, as in: "You are not alone in feeling devastatingly alone." This is completely, humbly normal as a musical goal. But to be sure we are very conscious of trying hard to make sound that moves a listener; to create meaningful, evocative music.
Lately I've been thinking about how sound has the great ability to get into the receiver's brain like scent does, a non verbal, non visual experience of communication. This is perhaps undervalued or at least under expressed simply because of a lack of common verbal language to convey these non-verbal sensations. I mean, using words to describe something non-verbal can be a problem. Take for example wine writing and the fairly ridiculous (when taken out of context) way people describe the taste and aroma of something complex like good wine. A term like "cat pee" does not for everyone evoke anticipation of a pleasurable experience. Of course one difference between our music and good wine is the emotional content. Similarity? Stains your dress.

- Eugene Robinson of Oxbow.


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