Monday, August 01, 2005

NP:Bonnie "Prince" Billy-A Minor Place

with the first submission comes the first rejection, and with the first rejection comes the all-nighter, pulling out all the stops to really blow them away. the manuscript for Parts Unknown was said to be short of the required amount of words for even a novella. i really pushed myself to write something bigger, longer, more epic in scope. what i got was something a little less violent and sentimental and something much louder, angrier, and eventually even more personal. some of the entires in this blog served as great material for the new manuscript entitled Bricks are Delicious. i am pretty impressed with myself for putting together a 45 page manuscript in a little under 5 hours. that's probably still to short, but it's all i got. maybe the 2 of them will get combined into one big chuck of death. that's my suggestion anyway. call it This Book Hates You.

it's 5 in the morning. my arms feel snake-bitten, heavy with venom. i feel like i have been picking myself apart for the last 5 and a half hours.

at least i have the perfect soundtrack for such a night/morning;

NP:Bonnie "Prince" Billy-I See a Darkness


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