Friday, August 26, 2005

NP:Converge-Fault and Fracture

why do i spend so much time on internet blogs and myspace groups?

this isn't angst ridden, it's a serious psychological querry. why do i check Myspace as often as i do? why do i type stuff in here nearly everyday? are people reading it and too busy/aloof/frightened to comment, or is no one looking? why do i care enough to ask these questions? it's only the internet.

i tell myself i'm just stretching my writing muscles, or exploiting the free advirtising for my band or my lyrics, "getting my name out there" so to speak. but why have i chosen an avenue rich with borderline stalkers, 13 year old drug addicts, and semi-delusional celebrity obsessed nitwits?

an old friend informed my of how she couldn't understand how i could join the "insta-clique" of Myspace. that it was a place for the stupid and the obsessive. she's right. i try to have fun with it, do my own thing and enjoy myself while laughing at the idiots and checking out the good music.


that's all it is, people. an overexagerated microchosim of the human expierence, at least my human expierence. no more, a little bit less. that is all.


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