Thursday, August 04, 2005


i feel like bitching about so called "outsiders". people who've taken alienation and turned it into fashion ala Suicide Girls and Screamo music. people who have co-opted metal and punk and strip-mined it of any real power and emotion, turning it into little more than an aural date-rape drug being played by shallow selfish stupid people who are more interested in exploiting nieve teenage girls than they are being involved with or creating anything substantial.

yeah, i'm bitter.

yeah i'm ranting.

yeah i'm letting stupid shit get to me. i'm just bored enough to let it get to this point.

this is the only place where i have a shred of confidence, where i don't have to bite my tongue. bring it on assholes.

i know i'll probably just get bored or tired with hating this stuff rather than witnessing its demise. whatever. i've been couped up in the house for too long. too hot out to do anything, been puting together manuscripts moslty.

okay bye.


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