Saturday, October 22, 2005

people are way to codependant these days.

if you haven't met that wonderful person yet, then just enjoy your solitude. instead of obsessing about some imaginary boy or girl that is the flesh and blood arhetype of every possible thing you're looking for in a person, why not try and MAKE YOURSELF A BETTER PERSON, at least for the time being.

maybe the reason many of you are single is because you've built up this standard in your head of what makes the perfect guy/girl, a standard that can't and won't ever be satisfied, so you've kicked that nice guy's dick in the dirt because he didn't look like Johnny Depp under white-lights, or you hid away in disgust because that girl that made eyes at you "was cute enough, but she's no Jessica Alba." sometimes not knowing what you want in a person is what leads you to find that special someone who is *gasp* actually special and actually a someone, not just some Weird Science-esque creation of a celebrity obsessed ego that allowed television and movies to make it believe that there is a 19 year old model out there for every guy, that there is some soft, yet masculine bedroom-eyed pretty boy for every girl.

look beyond the blinking boxes and glossy magazines and you'll find someone who is real.


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