Saturday, October 29, 2005

saw the movie Elephant last week. now i'm all for high level of pretense and art-fagness in my films, but this was just lazy and stupid.

way to take the fun out of school shootings, Gus Van Zant.

and now a big rant on so called "Bizzaro" writers.

there is this thing called "Bizzaro" fiction that i've notice creep up on the internet. typically it's associated with Carlton Mellick III, author of such books as Satan Burger, Razor Wire Pubic Hair, and quite a few others. it's a type of writing which is kind of a blend of surrealist literature, over-the-top horror/sci-fi fiction, and absurdist comedy. when done right, it can produce some really daring, amusing, and disturbing work.

i've noticed now that the whole "bizzaro writer" thing is growing by leaps and bounds. basically it seems that people who tried writing Palahniuk style naratives are now going for the more grotesque and vivid style of CM3 and a few others. the problem here is the same as the problem with all the Palahniuk worship that seems to have dwindled (or maybe i just don't care anymore), is that you get all these third rate knock-off writers who just riff on what CM3 has been doing, never finding their own voice. further more, a new sense of arrogance seems to coarse through these indivituals, a sense that anything that lacks a "hyper-surrealist" feel is not worthy of their attention. it the same thing that killed punk, the same thing that's been killing death metal. the idea that you have to cater to what you think the genre wants as opposed to saying and doing what you really feel.

the good thing is that maybe some real dangerous interesting artists will emerge from the clutter. that they will strip away the bullshit of the genre and really look at the phiosophical and psychological conotations of the genre and produce something truly worthy of its name, and not just sixth generation slop with no emotions or ideas behind it. with none of the sound or the fury, just the image of what was once the sound and the fury.

to be truly "underground" you have to ignore all rules, and if that becomes the rule you must go against it. that's how you evolve. that's how you rebel.

alright enough gay banter. i'm gonna watch Wicker Man.


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