Sunday, November 13, 2005

so this blog was linked in Dennis Cooper's blog. now i'm all paranoid. i don't want this to look like some 2-bit operation.

here's lyric!


I'll give you the bleach straight from my heart.
It will be no more than a mild pepper on your tongue.
Mockery etched in leftovers from an absentee skin-graft.
the days I wait on are a related joke.

settled into ammonia baths,
the only waters warm enough to whiten shameful fibers.
I catch the house as it sinks in the black sands
of what was a once fertile depression.

Staple shut the cunts that bore them.
this will be the last time the twin trails of honey deceive.
the last time I go to them as grey brains
spared the anatomy.
the first time was my grand finale.

I'd give up if I had a future.


Blogger SYpHA_69 said...

Yeah, Cooper linked my blog too. I'm quite honored, actually. Good luck with the whole writing thing... I'm trying to get a book written myself, if real life would just piss off for a few minutes.:p

9:42 PM  
Blogger Callum said...

following the Dennis Cooper trail... :-) no chance of being called a two bit operation here - great stuff - and SO much of it, i'm in awe

6:13 AM  

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