Wednesday, November 23, 2005

well after a brief flirtation with the possiblity of a love that i'm a total moron-asshole for even imagining will materialize, i'm back to be more or less the misanthropic observer/reporter of all aches and pains, absorbing the more miserable moments of others and incorporating them into my less-than-comprehensible lexicon, coping with them so they don't have to. strangely enough, i feel more defiant than depressed about the whole situation. maybe i'm just kidding myself in think that it is her loss, but time will tell i suppose. either way, she can go get jolly well fucked into the very asshole of oblivion's crippling indifference, where she will be forced to dine on the leftovers from my personal vomitorium for all eternity.

it's pre-winter break, and the cold-snaps and holiday blues have already started getting to me. the past 2 days all i've done is write the first chapter of Blow People (my next novel. i have no clue where i'm headed with it, probably just more of the same, but that's okay for now), look up Civil Service exams whose qualifications have already weeded my worthless ass out of the running, obsess over the Brainbombs while eagelry awaiting the end of the holiday season so i can buy some of their shit as well as some other stuff, watch the Superman Returns teaser trailer a few times (which suprisingly looks very lyrical and beautiful), and listen Johnny Cash's American Recordings albums.



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