Friday, December 23, 2005

so i pretty much gave up on the mix tape blog, seeing as how i was one boring son-from-a-cunt from age 17-19. hell i still am, but at least there is more variety in the music department, as well as a complete lack of crap like Amen in my cd collection.

have a week off, than i start the January session @ Hofstra. Crissmiss brings stuff, New Years brings the Annual Suicide Gauntlet (PATENT PENDING), followed by my birthday on the 14th. January birthdays are miserable. grey, cold, grey, and also grey. this time of year sucks.

recently viewed movie trailers;

X-Men 3: doesn't look to bad, though i have a feeling about 90% of the new characters introduced in the movie won't do a god damn thing.

the Hills Have Eyes: looks more dumb than a box of mongoloid teeth. i don't care if Wes Craven approves, shit the man's name is attached to Dracula 2000. the family looks pretty much the same as the family from the original, but flashes of the Hill People left a distinct taste of SUCK in my mouth (and no, that's not from the guy i just blew....neyeah).

V for Vendetta: i'm still on the fence with this one. it looks faithful enough (still not buying Natalie Portman as Evey. nothing against Portman, i like her quite a bit, but she's just too damn good looking (a not quite young enough, Evey is about 16-17 in the book i believe) for the character. i picture more of a Chloe Sevigny-type, but i digress), but it looks a tad too "slick". the book had this great washed-out look to it, making the world look that much more dead and souless. it is a great cast (like Hugo Weaving as V), and it looks like they kept the main philosophy of the book intact, i just have this feeling they're going to dumb it down, not into Daredevil territory, but into the territory of the Matrix, you know, a "smart" movie for people who can't follow "smart" movies.


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