Friday, February 18, 2005

Mieszko Talarczyk: 12/23/74 - 12/26/04


once again i'm listening to a dead man.

another tragedy has hit the music world. no overdose, no heart failure, no execution style gun shot wounds, just a man cut down by nature's latest PMS outbreak.

RIP Mieszko.

"Sometimes Dead is Better."

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

NP:The Servant-Cells (Sin City theme song)

i want the kind of girl that makes me a nervous wreck for months until i finally cave in and tell her how i feel, only to find out it's too late and she's bumping uglies with some metrosexual or some date-raping frat boy, forcing me ass first back onto the double headed dildo that is generic misanthropy and dime-store nihilsm.

and a nice ass.

Monday, February 14, 2005

I can feel the glacial crawl of time like a dull razor carving up my face I
can feel the last drops of youth lingering inside I write another love
letter to another heartless girl.

-"Crawl of Time" by JR Hayes of Pig Destroyer.

so it's valentine's day, and i'm racking my brain thinking of how many ways i can exploit various "loveless loner" stereotypes.

it's gray and drizzly, so that's a start. i'm admiring a girl from afar, keeping myself company with a neverending disjointed internal monolouge and songs from all different genres that seem to reflect the same emotions, namely hurt, loss, revenge, and quiet surrender.

am i really "loveless"? no. if i was being alone wouldn't grate on my nerves this much. i wouldn't have to exorcise and exhaust these emotions, flushing them out of my system through the catharsis of music, film, literature, etc. i would just embrace the solitude, without stubborness.