Saturday, March 05, 2005

NP:Rorschach-Drawn and Quartered

i have a tendency to get to attached to people, to the point of becoming an annoyance they begin to ignore. it's one of the byproducts of being a solitary misfit 90% of the time. i can usually spot this behavior, and after a soul sucking amount of personal reflection, i back off. stay silent. store a lot. vent a little. repeat.

sorry to bother you.

guys, be my freind.
girls, be my lover.

i know you thought i was the strong, silent type. but i'm no Clint Eastwood. i'm just a shy boy who likes grindcore, weird books/movies, and writing about how fucked up i've made myself. it's another product of being "a loner"; talking about myself, to myself, because no one else is dumb enough to listen. i envy them.

if i tend to be misanthropic or nihilistic, it's only because i've allowed myself to get burned, by faith, humanity, and faith in humanity. i'm not completely hopeless, though. in the last year i have met some great people. i have written some stuff i am proud of. i have played songs that are almost strong enough to build an ego out of the loathing.

yet here i am, raging against some kind of machine on some kind of machine, wondering where i went wrong instead of being happy with what went right. torturing myself over my own dellusions and distortions of other people thoughts instead of taking the time to ask them what they really think. about me, about us, about everything.

i fucking hate winter.

NP:Rorschach-Recurring Nightmare

Monday, February 28, 2005

NP:Atmosphere-Trying to Find a Balance

for those with "Wantagh Pride"

Wantagh's alright if you like strip malls
Wantagh's alright if you like false bravado
Wantagh's alright if you hate gays because there are no black people to hate
Wantagh's alright if you're a republican
Wantagh's alright if you own a nail salon or a bagel shop
Wantagh's alright if you like hanging out in parking lots
Wantagh's alright if you put up fronts (tough or sensitive) for the sole purpose of exploiting nieve teenagers of both sexes
Wantagh's alright if you like drug addicts
Wantagh's alright if you like coffee houses
Wantagh's alright if you protest half way houses, rehabilitation clinics, and centers for the mentally handicapped and applaud when a shoe store is built
Wantagh's alright if you're souless
Wantagh's alright if you're illiterate
Wantagh's alright if you have shitty taste in music
Wantagh's alright if you're an intelectual cripple
Wantagh's alright if you think New Found Glory is punk
Wantagh's alright if you mask you're superfical shallow nature with a thin artistic sheild ie. shit you bought at Hot Topic
Wantagh's alright if you're a compulsive liar
Wantagh's alright if you're a pederast
Wantagh's alright if you like raping high school girls
Wantagh's alright if you like sohpmores acting like seniors
Wantagh's alright if you're a useless drunk
Wantagh's alright if you own Phish albums
Wantagh's alright if you're a jock
Wantagh's alright if you're freinds with jocks
Wantagh's alright if you cry when people you didn't know or didn't like die
Wantagh's alright if you hate art
Wantagh's alright if hang out at the train station but never go into the city
Wantagh's alright if you complain about having nothing to do while simulaneously shooting down every idea someone comes up with in some kind of pathetic attempt at being too cool for this planet
Wantagh's alright if think "American Pie" is the height of comedy
Wantagh's alright if you pretend to be deep
Wantagh's alright if you don't "get" independent cinema
Wantagh's alright if you pretend to "get" independent cinema
Waantagh's alright if you you're a smug pseudo intellectual fuckstick
Wantagh's alright if you're phyisically attractive but mentally dead and emotionally corrosive with an ugly soul or no soul at all
Wantagh's alright if you like to complain.

NP:Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the Devil

God Gave Rock and Roll to KISS so he could laugh at us for listening to such mindless crap. then he put it in a Bill and Ted movie to further his amusement while simultaneously making us dumber. this has lead to such banes of intellect as Kid Rock, Vin Diesel, "the Simple Life", books by Anne Rice, movies based on video games, Pop Punk, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and people who think George W Bush is doing "great things".

i'd like to thank these people for being so goddamn mongoloid perplexingly stupid that a socially inept solitary dirt merchant such as myself looks like a fucking genius. i could replace my brain with a burlap sack full of empty salt shakers and i'd still kick the shit out of in the most trivial of intellectual contests.


NP:The Smashing Pumpkins-The End is the Begining is the End

Sunday, February 27, 2005

NP:Lair of the Minotaur-Lion Killer

wow. something on Southern Lord records that's not completley worthless.

this is how sludge should be. not a space adventure....on weeeeeeeeeeed, not pointless meandering zombie noise created by art-fags in denial, but an acid drenched opium den of nihilism and hatred.

fuck the Hidden Hand, fuck Sunn0))), and fuck all the pretension that they bring along with them. bring us back to the dense low-fi tar pit of ugliness and self loathing laid out by bands like Grief, Winter, Eyehategod, Burning Witch, and the like.

can't think of a way to finish this rant.

NP:Lair of the Minotaur-Warlord