Tuesday, June 07, 2005

NP:Cable-Climb the Cactus

so it's hot out now. dirty sticky swamp ass hot.

haven't really written anything in the last couple of days. nothing's coming to me even as i sit here, staring at the screen, running my air-conditoner chaped fingers through my brain. summer procrastenation is in full effect.

i've had a post-vomit feeling in my gut and mouth since yesterday. don't know if it's the abrupt change in the weather or what, but it's pretty annoying. the inside of my mouth feels like what a marble floor would feel like if sawdust was sprinkled over a child's puke, soaking it up into a sickening paste.

i've been walking more and eating less. i'm also trying to not spend so much money for awhile. i'm also developing the nerve to look for people to publish some stuff i've written. so far nothing, but whatever. could be the motivation i need.

this sucks. bye.

NP:Cable-Irish Tan