Saturday, June 25, 2005

i've had a bad mental block these last couple of days. everytime i go to write something, it's like pounding a steak knife into a brick wall with my forehead (handle first). since that last sentence i've been staring at the screen for like 5 minutes trying to think of something.

i usually go for a walk when i can't think of anything, it clears my head and allows me to arrange the complaints and grievences into something approaching substantial. still nothing. i just felt like a ghost, like i was the part of the atmosphere that could think and see, but not be seen or thought of. thought i saw some people, but everyone kind of becomes interchangable after awhile. so few people i see really stand out to me, really blow my mind. maybe i ask to much of my peers.

i've been asking the same questions since i started this blog like 3 years ago. you'd think i'd've grown happier, or at least more tolerant, or just finally give up and stop posting here, stop writing stop thinking stop worrying. that's the same as being happy i guess.

SOULESS: The New SOULFUL. 1977-the present

Friday, June 24, 2005

NP:Deftones-No Ordinary Love (Sade cover)

after breezing through some of Ian Robinson's articles on Metal, i finally understand why people hated this guy so much. he represents everything i hate about internet elitists, particualry of the metal variety.

- he hates what he's supposed to hate (emo, Fred Durst, movies that don't have zombies in them, new Metallica, Paris Hilton, boy bands, etc) and tries to make it look like he's "telling it likes it is".

- he complains about bands like Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Unearth, and Hatebreed not getting their due (Hatebreed's vocalist gets a "promote your band week in and week out" Free Card when he hosts Headgiver's Ball every saturday, featuring on a regular basis videos by bands such as Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Unearth, and their overexpsoed peers) and then trashes people who don't like them as try-hards who try to hard to try hard.

- he pulls out the "you all don't have diverse musical taste" card everytime he brings up Slipknot, System of a Down, and the fucking White Stripes, saying how anyone who makes fun of him for liking them must only listen to one kind of music or some such shit.

- he talks shit about the Red Chord and Yob, but then goes on to praise Killswitch Engage and Hopesfall.

- he's causing me to yell and grind my teeth at nothing.

- he said Lost in Translation was a bad movie because "hipsters liked it". (i wonder if he said this on the set of the Dawn of the Dead remake?)

in short, this guy really is a cunt and i hate him. he's like the male equivalent of that Uranium brat in the sense that he comes off as a smug overbearing obnoxious ass-clown who got a lucky break because MTV decided they wanted to cater more to video game nerds and people who like Mudvayne.

this is going nowhere. this is dumb. i'm no better than him i guess. whatever.

NP:the theme from the Rocketeer

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

NP:Souxie and the Banshees-Kiss them For Me

this book i'm reading about serial killers is having some kind of effect on my psyche. so is this song (see NP). suddenly i want to dress up in a sparkly pink gown and twist seductively while chapangne suds rain down on my smooth skin. but i digress.

the A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers it is called. it quite the thumping good read. it's even inspired a song title that i can't wait to use; "Chikatilo Love Bite". it's not just a bunch of biographies about behaviors/ types of killers, and the more notorious murders of all time (though they are highlighted), it has all kinds of information ranging from merchandising to films to groupies to art and everything in between. it doesn't make me want to kill, just injest as much information on maniacs as possible.

i'm gonna be a virgin forever....or am i?????

Monday, June 20, 2005

NP:Bruce Dickinson-Soul Intruders

the chorus of this song makes me want to ride around on a fire spewing black stallion while wildly swinging a mace at all evil in my way, collecting the skulls of my enemies and fashioning a necklace out of them for said black stallion.