Monday, September 19, 2005

Big Van Vader Rant Style;


everybody, just stop.

19 year old thrash revivalists.
screamo kids buying patches of crust bands before they actually buy the albums, sewing them to girl-size hooded sweatshirts that they wear in the middle of august..WITH THE HOOD UP.
people with I-Pods.
people over 35 who say Green Day is the only contemporary band that matters.
people with town pride/school spirit/patriotism and other nice ways of saying "i'm afraid of the world outside of my fashionable microchosim".
people in college who bitch about having to read a book.
sophmores in college who think they've got it all figured out.
people who think Corpse Bride will be a good movie.
people in bands who only listen to their peers or bands that are identical to the music they play.
Fuse TV and their continued defanging of metal and hardcore via sex-chat talk shows and #1 Countdowns.
message board regulars.
people who think watching VH1 Classic makes them a music expert.
people who say they only watch the Discovery Channel in a vain attempt to prove that they are smart.
people who make and enjoy movies based on video games.
people who say they want to be writers/poets but don't read anything outside of live journal entries and Nine Inch Nails lyrics.
Dennis Miller.
Rikki Rachman.
Tom G. Warrior.
Chuck Palahniuk.
George Bush.
Michael Bay.
Phil Anselmo.
the girl i want but can't have.
the guy who has her.


please stop.