Friday, September 30, 2005

saw A History of Violence. excellent piece of work. unrelenting, unpretensious, completely void of bullshit and cliche. at a certain point it could've turned into a typical mistaken identity film or a revenge film but it never does. it stays true to itself and it's characters all the way through. the violence is brutal and abscent of glamour, the much talked about "sex scene" is raw and real, never turning into soft-core erotica or an exploitation film rape scene (i found myself asking "was this rape? and if so, which one was the rapist?"). and as it was ending you're left with this lingering feeling that these people will never be who they were at the start of the film. that was made it so different. it wasn't a happy ending or even a sad ending, it was just one big fucking nagging question of "where will they go, now?". bravo to all.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Make up your mind before you start packing.
If you think it leads to nowhere,
keep in mind the abandoned stay abandoned.
Their arms may open
when the name is muttered
after years of absence.
Trust me,
it’s only from shock.
Once you strike up the idiot
I’ll remember why you left
and why I stopped
giving a shit.

You left it behind
and found nothing
but factory-error cradles in it’s place,
so now you’ve come back
to bless the tits
your tongue hid from.
Since they’ve bought into
this illusion of failure,
the milk tastes all the more sweeter
when you’ve shit-grinned your way
into a humble heart.

I believed you when you said you’d tear me apart,
enough to incorporate it into my rage’s bustling lexicon.
I felt like bracing my throat when you said I would choke,
or offering nothing but love when you said you knew where I slept.
Is this is as deep as vengeance runs?
How many other promises were slogans?

dedicated to Vision of Disorder. thanks for killing what was left of my childhood.