Sunday, November 13, 2005

so this blog was linked in Dennis Cooper's blog. now i'm all paranoid. i don't want this to look like some 2-bit operation.

here's lyric!


I'll give you the bleach straight from my heart.
It will be no more than a mild pepper on your tongue.
Mockery etched in leftovers from an absentee skin-graft.
the days I wait on are a related joke.

settled into ammonia baths,
the only waters warm enough to whiten shameful fibers.
I catch the house as it sinks in the black sands
of what was a once fertile depression.

Staple shut the cunts that bore them.
this will be the last time the twin trails of honey deceive.
the last time I go to them as grey brains
spared the anatomy.
the first time was my grand finale.

I'd give up if I had a future.
- Eddie Guerero is dead and that is sad.

- i can't stop listening to this god-awful fashion-metalized version of the Depeche Mode song "Enjoy the Silence" by a band that i'm convinced is Atreyu with a different brand of eyeliner, It Dies Today. lets forget that Failure's version of the song was so god damn amazing that it almost negates the existance of the original, thus rendering any attempt at covering this song automatically bad and very...unnessecery, and say that the cover is lame and stupid without any real intensity or emotion behind it. and screaming "EHN-JOY THUH SY-LEEEEHHHHNS!!!!!!" at the end of the song? the ultimate in tacky false vocal bravado.