Saturday, February 11, 2006

Film Review;

the Anarchist's Cookbook

"I'm a Nihilist. I don't believe in anything...not even nihilsm".

that is an actual quote from this movie. just giving you an idea/warning of what you are in for here.

the Anarchist's Cookbook tells the story of a bunch of college age activists living in a worn down fraternity house that they've decorated with graffiti and dirt furniture. they protest, they hate corporations, they wear Dead Kennedys shirts, they generally goof around. one day they come across the source of the above quote, a self proclaimed nihilist who eventually seizes influence over the typically harmless masses of the house, leading them to violence, befriending Nazis, and other assorted stuff.

the Anarchist's Cookbook, for those of us who haven't yet reached that brief moment of pubescent curiousity that causes us to buy into Anton Leveyism and Marilyn Manson albums, is a book of assorted recipes for making household explosives. the film briefly touches on that, but than procededs to spend the entire time feeding the viewer a bunch of misguided, misdirected bullshit. apparently to the makers of this film, activism is anarchism is nihilsm is nazism, and in the end any and all of those are just tantrums of youth that any "reasonable" person will give up upon and grow up to be a good republican, seeing the light that points to the revelation that American Democracy, Christian Fundamentalism, and other forms of the Status Quo are the only things that won't lead to the complete collapse of yourself and the ones you care about.

it's a malicious piece of exploitation along the lines of Reefer Madness masquerading as a piece of comentary on a lost generation ala Fight Club. the similarties to that work are glaringly obvious. the protagonist "Puck" played by Devon Gummersall from My So Called Life narrates the story via a voice over, sptting out a bunch of worn out sloganeering that makes Ewan McGreggor's endless repetition of self-help phrases in Trainspotting seem subtle by comparison. the antagonist of the film, Johnny Black, played by Dylan Bruno of the Rage:Carrie 2 struts around like a 19 year old who completely missed the point of what Tyler Durden was all about.

that's about as compelling as any of the characters get. there's the sultry bi-curious nympho who uses sex as a kind of chaos theory, by ruining lives of married men, speaking and forming her face with an Angelina Joile infliction all the while. she winds up getting arrested for eating out a female undercover cop, cause apparently same sex relations are against the law. there's the old hippie (played by Deer Hunter alum John Savage...yeah) who turns out to lust for young boys. there's Puck's young republican girlfriend, who turns out to be a dominatrix.

with the last two characters, the question of the director's alligeance is raised. are all hippies really homosexual pedophiles? are all pretty christian girls really into hardcore S&M? are nihilists really just well hidden fascists? is the director an equal opportunity misanthrope or just an inept indicisive coward, afraid to really say what he thinks of one particular group for fear of alienating portions of his audience? the Anarchist's Cookbook raises questions. to bad it's not the questions it should have raised. this is lazy, thoughtless drivel with a thin shield of generic sloganeering. even the dumbest shithead fashion crust punk could see through the bullshit propaghanda that this film really is.

similar to the message of SLC Punk, the moral of the story is that eventually you'll give up on wanting to be an indivitual. not only that, you'll learn that you never really were an indivitual, you were just part of a system, something you claim to hate, and the only way rememdy your hypocrisy is to cut your hair, put on a suit, adapt, assimilate, become a cleaner brick the wall of a taller building. you're going to be a prole anyway, so why not make some money in the process, because all of your concerns, your beliefs, at the end of the day they mean nothing without the finances to back them up. oh, you can kid yourself. tell your freinds who are dissillusioned by your choice that "you can do more damage within the system then outside of it". hold on to the idea, however fleeting it may be. there is no future in "no future". Anarchy will Die, and Anarchists will be the Killers. blah blah blah you get it you get it...we all get it. and it sucks.

alright i've been writing about this movie for a half an hour. i'm all out of hate.

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