Tuesday, March 14, 2006

...so i'm part of the "Uselrands" anthology, which is being put together by one of my all-time favorite writers ever, Dennis Cooper. this is what that whole "feeling good" thing must be all about.

'Userlands' contributors:

Frankie P. Batley 'Patrick'
Aaron Nielsen 'Breakfast in the Toy District'
Garrison Taylor 'Fantastic, Made of Plastic'
Jack Dickson 'Mine'
Jeff Jackson 'Three Untitled Stories About Smoking'
Justin Taylor 'Estrellas y Rascacielos'
Thomas Kendall 'My Venn Diagram'
Eddie Beverage 'from 'Return to Zero'' (up to the three astericks)
Mark Gluth 'The Late Work of Margaret Koftis'
Nick Hudson 'Oh Joy'
Patrick De Witt 'from 'Ablutions'' (the first 10 pages)
Joshua Dalton 'I Don't Know What This Means'
Zac German 'letting me out first part'
Bett Williams 'Porno Jenny'
Stanya Kahn 'Hell'
Marc Andreoletta 'Red Tape'
Mark Dolen 'Five Versions of a Story About Trains'
Chris Von Steiner 'Switch'
Jago 'You Weird People'
Josh Feola 'Command Psychology' & 'The Unknown Becoming Louder & Louder'
Cody Carvel 'Fantasy'
Joseph Marcure 'Dear Sybellus' (excerpt)
James Champagne 'Kali Yuga'
Matthew Williams 'My Body's Work' (excerpt)
Melissa Musser 'Saliva'
Mike Kitchell 'When I Was Young, I Always Had The Same Nightmare'
David Saa Viccenzo (contribution to be determined)
Robert Siek 'Sixteen'
Angela Tavares 'Fast Ones'
Sean Pajot 'Zombie Nightmare ..7'
Nick Cacioppo 'Lycanthropy Wife'
Charlie Quiroz 'Out of Control'
M.A.D. 'Fencetown'
Mike Kascel 'Five Glimpses Into Armageddon'
Jose Alvarado 'Fake Animals'
Bradford (contribution to be determined)
Will Fabro 'Duels'
Callum James 'The Bedside Table'
Nicholas Manning 'You're in My Blood Now'
Nicholas Rhoades 'Klonopin'
Jack Shamama 'Spatial Devices Can Take Any Form'
Steven T. Hanley 'Something About Jenna Hayes'


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