Friday, March 31, 2006

NP:Flaming Lips-Bad Days

i've been on a bit of a rewrite/editing rampage the last week when it comes to lyrics. the first volume of lyrics i put together this past summer Carrion Baggage has been ripped to scraps, the more appealing pieces saved and incorporated into amped-up songs. it's a combination of cutting the fat and adding stronger parts as well. i was able to take 2 pages of random stand-out lines from like 20 different songs and slim it donw into 3 longer, better songs. listening to Opeth and Starkweather has me wanting to do heavy, mid-tempo epics.

i also realized that i have a lot of songs that could be considered "Characters", that is the song titles sound like characters that could be in some kind of absurdist sludgecore grind-opera. another idea that may never some to pass, but i felt it was worth mentioning on this lazy afternoon.

the players;

Corpse Apprentice
Shit Figure
Mr. Hindenberg
Ice Driver
Ragdoll Concubine
Prayer Cannibal
Partisan Idealist
Orphan Coddler
Molested Cherub
Salt Charmer
Lycanthropy Wife
Mengle Messiah

that's a whole album right there, ain't it? someday....

NP:Flaming Lips-the Spark that Bled


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