Monday, May 29, 2006

NP:Laughing Hyenas-That Girl

ate my share of bad meat today.

don't think i'll ever leave here.

don't know.

despite all the loathing, i don't think i'd feel any better or any worse anywhere else. the only way i can feel good about leaving somewhere is if there is a gauruntee that i'm not going to be there, that i'm not going to follow me. i think just periodic excursions from the neighborhood do me just fine ie; hopping the train into the city for a night of badical tunes and women who will never fuck me.

social life is generally overrated, treated like some kind of cult object. its unhealthy and counter-productive. i feel more alone in a crowded bar, Aerosmith blaring on the jutebox, everyone yelling over each other, too loud to hear anything anyone is saying, the comepetion for attention turning into music-video-fast-forward imagery and white noise against a Christmas-Light illuminated abyss, than i do curled up in my bed with anything from Bonnie Prince Billy to Rudimentary Peni rustling through the shadow-atmospherics only being by yourself in a dark room at 2 in the morning can produce.

would i trade it all for that special girl or that great job offer?

well, definitetly not it all

NP:The Killers-Williamsburg the Musical


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