Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Film Review; X-Men: the Last Stand

this will be real half-ass, in tribute to the film itself.

it wasn't a bad film, but when compared to the other 2 films the flaws are glaringly obvious. the dialouge feels like something i would've wrote when i was 9 years old and i played with my X-Men action figures (after watching the cartoon, of course). very predictable with very uneven delivery (Ian McKellan does a good job as usual with Magneto, but that's more dependant on his talents than that of the writers). new characters pop in and out...lots of them. Multiple Man. Psylocke. Callisto. Archlight. Quill. Angel. Leech. Omega Red. a Sentinel head. ( the later two probably the most underassed recreations of comic characters ever captured on film. a great dissapointment as they are two of the most viually impressive characters in the X-Men universe). most of the new characters are played by "unknowns" (ie magazine models who look good pouting and mugging in black leather) save for Angel, whose played by Ben Foster, who is a very good actor who got the short end of the stick here. of the new characters the most memorable are Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut and Kelsey Grammer as Beast. first the latter; Grammar was perfect. he captured the gentle intellectual perfectly. Juggernaut, another one of the more visually stunning characters in the books, as well as one of the most popular and important, is basically left to be a thug for the Brotherhood, the same fate Sabretooth suffered in the first film. the filmmakers managed to attach the internet inside joke "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!", which felt like such a purile attempt to win over people who don't care about the films or books in the first place...but whatever.

as for the X-Men themselves...Cyclops lasts about 5 minutes. Rouge drifts in the background looking sullen. Ice-Man and Kitty (played by the absolutely statutorily adorable Ellen Page) have elevated roles, but again don't do much outside of showing off their powers. Collosus does nothing and says less. Wolverine and Storm become the leaders of the group. Wolverine doesn't work as a ra-ra type, though, so it feels out awkward. as for the Brotherhood; Pyro much like Ice-Man, just kind of shows off his powers, smiles smugly, and not much else. Mystique lasts about 5 minutes.

as for Jean Grey/Phoenix...well lets me say Famke Janssen looked incredible as always. at the Phoenix's most pissed off moments, she even resembled Diamanda Galas, which worked well for the character. but again, she doesn't do much outside of dissintegrate a few people/mutants, make shit float, look pissed/dead to the world. there's no big flaming bird or anything that impressive. just her hair blowing in the wind and some mediocre cgi deaths.

all of this, dumbing down the characters and taking away any of the depth thye had in the first films could be due to diva Halle Berry bitching about her character not having enough to do. well she got what she wanted, and we have to suffer through her performance. are there no other attactive black actresses in Hollywood? sure there are. and they can act better and probably work for less money. but whatever.

they crammed a lot into 90 minutes, but its weird that a movie with this much material was so damn hollow and one-dimensional. it felt abbriveated, like the cliff notes of the actual movie.


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