Saturday, June 24, 2006

so i caught this documentary the other night called My Date With Drew Barrymore. it should come as no shock that the fella directing this thing comes off as rather desperate, pathetic, oblivious to irony, and seemingly unable to consider a relationship with someone or something a little more tangible. the fact that it seems like this was his lifeswork is tragically telling, that behavior once considered STALKING is now fodder for prime time. it was basically a showcase for the director's self loathing, and his hopes that living out some adolescent fantasy will aliveate the pain he sometimes feels from his person, that everything will be OK if he has tea and bagels with the star of Poison Ivy, Bad Girls, and Doppelganger. everyday of his life seems like it would end with a network anchor saying "...before he turned the gun on himself", and i was waiting for this film to end in the same way. but no, he got his date with whom many consider to be the definitive Amy Fisher, and baby did Beurgen Keurgen eat this shit up with all the glee and merryment she shows in any number of her "I'm in Love With a Moron!" cellphone-core romantic comedies. truthfully, she seems like a dear, but a little bit of that sort of cuteness goes A LONG way. people are a Doors song afterall.


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