Tuesday, June 06, 2006

so i'll be writing reviews for METALEATER.com. should be a cool time. get to hopefully listen to some good stuff and tear apart some bad stuff, all in the most professional way possible.

oh look it's 6/6/6. time for a bunch of semi-psychotics and holy-rolling ankle biters to preach the end-time message...as if they don't do that all the time already.

i personally subscribe to the Milton/Galas idea of Satan, that is that of Adversary/Accuser rather than a being brimming with the kind of evil that only exists in comic books and oh yeah EVANGELICALS. Satan is the one who dares to question, who is unafraid to call out anyone on their hypocrisy and/or wrong doings. he suffered because of that...kinda of like another fella with five letters in his name...whose that now...oh right J-E-S-U-S.

Jesus is a "satanic" figure in the true sense of the word. and that's my controversial statement on this Day of the Mentrual-Chuck-Vomiting-Acid-Cum-Spraying-Hell-Beast-Of-the-Beast-Of-the-Pit-of-Hell-Beasts.


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