Wednesday, July 12, 2006


you are on my friends list. maybe you find me to be interesting. maybe we have similar tastes in music/film/etc. maybe we agree on some issues. maybe you're just collecting friends.

either way, here we are.

my band THE COMMUNION is embarking on our first mini-tour. we have the 28th (thank you Katherine Katz/Dour/all involved) and the 30th (thanks to all those involved), but the 29th has eluded us. we had a show scheduled, but it fell through. it happens, no hard feelings. thing of it is, now we're left with nothing to do for that whole day.

so i'm asking on behalf of the band THE COMMUNION , to anyone who may be inclined to help us out with anything. if you can get us ashow, that would be great..but even if you can't maybe just give us something to do. tell us of any cool shows in the area we might be interested in...good record houses...brothels...bordellos...toy stores...high end porn shops...low end porn shops...anything at all...just send me a message or send the band a message.

thank you for being a friend. traveled down the road and bakc again. your heart is're a pal and a confidant. and if you threw a party and invited everyone you would see the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say "Thank you for being a friend".


- Nicholas V. Cacioppo
vocals for the Communion
owner/operator of Period Face Productions (tm)


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